Darrel Stretch

28 Essential Tips that Get Homes Sold Fast

Selling your home can affect your very financial future. Here's information that can help you efficiently sell your home and maximize your investment.

  1. Know why you're selling.
  2. Once you know, keep it to yourself.
  3. Do your homework before setting a price.
  4. Know when to get an appraisal.
  5. Your tax assessment means almost nothing.
  6. Find a good realtor.
  7. Give yourself room to negotiate.
  8. Maximize your home's sale potential.
  9. Rely on other people's judgement as well as your own.
  10. Clean like you've never cleaned before.
  11. Fix everything no matter how insignificant it may appear.
  12. Remove all traces of yourself from your home.
  13. The little touches can make a difference.
  14. Don't let a smell be your downfall.
  15. Disclose everything.
  16. The more prospects, the better.
  17. Don't get emotional during negotiations.
  18. Know your buyers.
  19. Find out what the buyer can pay.
  20. Find out when the buyer would like to close.
  21. Don't sign a deal on your next home until you close the deal on the current one.
  22. Don't move out before you sell.
  23. Don't give yourself a deadline.
  24. Don't take a low offer personally.
  25. A really low offer may mean the buyer's are not qualified.
  26. Don't take a lowball offer seriously.
  27. Make sure the contract is complete.
  28. Don't deviate from the contract.

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